If you’ve ever bought artwork, you know that it’s not complete until you find the perfect frame. The right frame can bring extra life to a piece of art and give it an eye-catching look. And, in 2023, the framing trends are sure to be no different! With so many options out there, how do you decide which frame is best for your artwork? Let’s explore some upcoming trends and provide tips on how to choose the right frame.

Viva Magenta Vintage Botanical Frosty Snowflake Border , Blue 11x14 Frame

Colorful Frames In 2023, colorful frames are expected to be all the rage. Whether it’s bright pink or bold blue hues, color is going to make its mark in the art world. They allow you to show your creative side with different colors and styles. Colorful picture frames can be the centerpiece of your home and add a needed touch of color to neutral spaces. Perfect for travel photography, any photography, or items whose colors you want to accent.

Coastal Chaos Original Art , Gold Floater Frame

Floater frames are also becoming increasingly popular amongst art enthusiasts as we head into 2023. These frames come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and have one unique feature—they don’t touch the canvas. Instead of touching or obscuring your artwork, these unique frames elevate it with their shapes and sizes - a stylish addition to any home or office space.  Modern pieces find perfect harmony nestled in a floater frame.

 Sea Green Abstract,  Fluted Gold Tones Frame

Fluting, Understated, Layered Gold Tones  A gold fluted pattern frame can add a unique touch of detail to any room. The layered gold tones give off an understated look that will blend seamlessly with any existing decor.  With this frame, you can easily add a touch of luxury without being too overbearing. It’s perfect for diplomas, modern art prints or even family recipe cards.

Verdura Magnolia Abstract Black Venetian Wavy Frame

Black, Bold, Wavy, Rich Interior designers are moving away from minimalism and showing a renewed interest in more decorative styles and details this year. This black frame is part of our boldest collection yet—featuring wavy lines that create an eye-catching texture along its entire length. The rich hue gives off an air of sophistication that makes it the ideal choice for geometric or art deco prints as well as black and white photos. Whether it’s hung on your wall or placed on a shelf, this frame will undoubtedly become the focal point of your living space!

As we head into 2023, it’s clear that colorful frames, gold frames and floater frames will be popular choices for framing artwork. However, it’s also important to consider what type of material works best with each type of art—metal for modern pieces; wood for rustic pieces; plastic for lightweight pieces—before settling on any one particular option. With these framing trends and tips in mind, you'll find your perfect match!  So go ahead and let that creativity shine!

Hallie Henderson