Are you a mom looking to up your interior design game with pieces from your little ones? Show off your kid’s artwork the right way and turn their creations into chic decor that looks designer-approved. Instead of shoving those masterpieces in drawers, let them shine with these simple tips on how to frame kids art and make it look truly sensational around the home. With a few easy ideas, you can learn how to take those hand-made treasures and make them the perfect additions for any room! Here are three simple framing ideas:

1. Shadow Box Frames

Get ready to up your kids artwork game with this clever trick: shadow box framing! It's not just for fancy art galleries anymore. You can easily add a touch of chic to your little one's masterpieces with this simple technique. And, if you really want to impress, create a whole gallery wall of your kiddo's artwork. Check out the video below for a quick tutorial on framing a small canvas in a shadow box frame. Materials needed can be found here: doubled-sided foam tape, 9x9 shadowbox frame,5x5 canvas 

2. A Simple Classic Frame

Use a simple, classic frame: A classic black or white frame with clean lines and a simple design can help draw attention to the artwork itself. Choose a frame that complements the colors and style of the artwork without overwhelming it.  This allows the artwork to shine, while making the kids art look gallery worthy. Materials Needed: Simple Black Frame



3.  A Simple Floater Frame

Showcase your child's talent with a floater frame. This professional touch adds color and texture to your walls while allowing you to easily switch out their latest creation. Embrace your child's inner Picasso and let their art shine with a floaty frame. Materials Needed: Floater Frame (includes everything to put it all together)

Art is a great and creative outlet for kids to unleash their imaginations. Framing and displaying their artwork helps them to celebrate the efforts they’ve made. When you frame your kid’s artwork, you’re not only adding aesthetic value to the room and boosting their confidence, but you’re also giving them a real-life example of what having pride in their work looks like. This joy that comes with completing a project can be seen echoed in every piece of framed art. Ultimately, finding unique framing ideas for your kid's art can certainly be a challenge, but these incredibly simple ideas are sure to make the whole process easier – at least when it comes to the struggle of choosing how best to display those little masterpieces!

Happy Framing Friends!







Hallie Henderson