Are you looking for a way to freshen up your space for 2023?  Look no further than the newest trends in color palettes.  We have some color inspiration that's sure to shake up your decor. The experts are predicting a year of bold and daring palette choices like Pantone's Viva Magenta and nuanced neutrals such as Redend Point from Sherwin Williams.  "People are going more dramatic this year with deep saturated colors like plum, mustard, raspberry and hunter green, especially on walls with substantial millwork/trim. " according to Caroline of Simply CH Lifestyle & Interiors.   And as a mom, no doubt you're busy juggling work, family time, household chores and the like leaving little time for home renovations or redesigns. We'll help make revamping your abode easier by providing you with all the insights necessary to make your home look stunning but also fit your lifestyle needs.  Ready to make bold decisions? Let's dive into how these trending hues can be used in your home décor this coming season! 

1. Bold Pinks 

With the Barbie movie coming this summer, pink seems to be everywhere, so when Pantone chose Viva Magenta, which is a bold, bright pink with purple undertones, they confirmed pinks will continue to be on trend this year. Pantone's Viva Magenta is perfect for those wanting a bold statement.  Showcasing an eye-catching blend of bright cheerfulness and creative sparkle, everything from statement walls to plush throw pillows can benefit from its bold hues. For those looking for more subtle accents, art pieces or home decor accessories are fun ways to bring in the trend without overwhelming your aesthetic!  For home decor accessories, this could include vases, candles,  For those feeling brave enough, why not pair this head-turning shade with dark cinnamon browns, blacks and golds? Otherwise keep things light by accompanying it with pastel pinks, purples and blues! Either way you're guaranteed to have an eye-catching result.

 Vintage Botanical in Sassy Plum

 2. Comforting Neutrals

Redend Point by Sherwin Williams is a truly unique shade, combining the warmth of red tones with an earthy brown creating a rosy brown evoking an inviting and cozy atmosphere. Unlike many shades of brown, Redend Point does not lack in intensity. The strong undertone of red creates a richness which makes it stand out as a versatile color you can use in your home - from furniture pieces to decor accessories and even wall paper or paint. Redend point will best complement creamy whites, lighter pinks, and darker greens. If you're looking to add a hint of depth and warmth to your home this year, look no further than Redend Point!


Nantucket Marsh with Dark Green Print

3. Natured Inspired Green



And if green’s more your thing then try Glidden Vining Ivy and Benjamin Moore Savannah Green– both great elements of nature that are being used increasingly as neutrals throughout home interiors.  Grounding Green tones are a perfect way to infuse natural elements without commiting to a whole room painted green - use statement curtains instead! Caroline from Simply CH Lifestyle & Interiors suggests "if you are nervous about going bold with paint, textiles such as throw pillows and curtain panels are a good vehicle to use these colors.  I also love a wood desk or accent table painted in a bright bold color. Faux stems are another fun way to add color - for example, billy balls prove a great pop of deep yellow." which pairs well with vining ivy.

Savannah Green by Benjamin Moore-This color is described as a light, muted green with a soft yellow undertone and can be used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in living rooms, bedrooms, or other spaces. Savannah Green can be used in a variety of color schemes and styles, from traditional to contemporary, and can be paired with a deep dark navy, taupes and creams to create a customized look

Vining Ivy by Glidden - This dark green hue is great if you’re looking to add some drama into your home without going overboard. It pairs nicely with other neutrals such as tans, whites, grays, and light teals or turquoise creating balance within your space.



What about those who love the classic blues? For Caroline of Simply CH Lifestyle & Interiors, "Blues will always be a classic, but it's exciting to see new trends.  Green evokes such a natural calming feeling. And don't be scared of pinks done - taupe-y mauve can be an appealing, earthy neutral. " 

For easy inspiration to get the latest color trends, here are a few ideas:

Redend Point :  Chinoiserie Art in Pink , Candle Sticks , Light Cafe Pink Pillow , Pink Candle Holder  Viva Magenta, Raspberry/Plum: Vintage Bird Art Print, Pink Glass Vase , Pink/Raspberry Candles , Pink Glass Candle holder , Poppy Pillow Vining Ivy/Greens : Pastoral Views Chinoiserie Print , Green Refresh Pillow , Green Glass Candle holders , Green Taper Candles, Green Pear Vase

No matter what color palette you decide on when refreshing your interiors this year, remember to have fun! With so many colors available on the market today there are endless possibilities when it comes to bringing life back into your home! Be sure to research each shade before committing so you know exactly what look you are trying to achieve before beginning your project! Happy decorating!


Hallie Henderson