I am always looking for an affordable way to frame my artwork.  I also enjoy changing out prints and different frames frequently, so it helps if I can frame my art myself.  Some of my favorite frames are Craig Frames, which are affordable and have large assortment of frames.  One of my favorite ways to frame my art is using a linen mat paired with a gold frame.  It adds richness and depth to the artwork and gives a classic look. 

In order to achieve this look, you will need the following materials:

1) Gold Frame (Bamboo Gold Frame or thin Gold Frame )

2) Linen Panel

3) Sticky Putty for adhering Print to Linen Panel 

4) Flat head screw driver 

5) Print of your choice which should be smaller than the frame.  For the image above, I used a 8x10 inches frame with a 5x7 print.  

First remove the back of the gold frame using a flat head screw driver by pushing up the frame fasteners.

Once you have the back removed, you can use the sticky putty to place the print in center of the linen panel. 

I prefer to use the stick putty because it can be removed later if you want to change out the print.  This way you can use the print in a different frame without ripping the print when trying to remove it from the linen panel.  Once you have adhered the print to the linen panel, you also need to ensure the glass on the frame is free of dust and smudges, and then place linen panel with the print into the frame.


Then finally place the back of the frame back in and use a screwdriver to push back in the frame fasteners.