As an artist with a love for interior design and all things beautiful, I eagerly await the unveiling of the Colors of the Year every year. This time around, I was thrilled to find the newly unveiled palette, especially since it featured some of my personal favorites. These carefully chosen hues significantly influence interior design trends and inspire Sweet Pea and Whimsy's art, throw pillows, candles, and tableware. 

Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore- A fusion of blue and violet

One of my all-time favorite Colors of the Year, Blue Nova, captures the enchantment of the night sky. This deep, velvety blue with hints of violet is sure to add charm to your interior space. Blue Nova's versatility makes it a beloved choice for wall paints and accent pieces. Painting an entire room, including the ceiling and walls, in Blue Nova  would create a captivating and dramatically impactful interior design choice. If you're hesitant to undertake a complete room makeover in Blue Nova, you can opt for a more flexible approach by incorporating Blue Nova-themed art and/or throw pillows

 Blue Nova Tall Cherry Blossom Chinoiserie , Honeybee Basket Weave Throw Pillow

Honeybee by Benjamin Moore- A Touch of Warmth

Honeybee, a warm and inviting hue inspired by the golden tones of honey, has been a cherished addition to my shop's color palette. As one of the Colors of the Year, it embodies positivity and coziness. I've used Honeybee as an accent color to create throw pillows and candles that radiate charm and warmth. This welcoming color easily transforms ordinary spaces into inviting havens.

Upward by Sherwin Williams- The Calm Amid Chaos

Upward's cool and calming nature has made it an essential part of my shop's interior decor collection. It's an ideal choice for wall paints, kitchen cabinets, and throw pillows. Upward creates calmness and clarity to dining and living spaces. It's the perfect color to create a serene and stylish atmosphere in homes.

Taupe Paisley Throw Pillow, Vista Landscape Print

Viridis by Graham and Brown - A Soft Expression of Nature

Viridis is a soft deep green inspired by the beauty of nature, has become a symbol of sustainability and a favorite of mine. It's a fantastic choice for wall paints, art pieces, and tableware. The addition of Viridis is a wonderful neutral that can be mixed various colors while bring nature and tranquility into your home.

The Colors of the Year 2024 offer endless inspiration for your interiors. These curated hues are carefully chosen by paint companies to influence interior decor trends and are now some of my favorite choices. From wall paints and art pieces to throw pillows, candles, and tableware, these colors have the power to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones.  I can't wait to see how they will inspire and continue to breathe new life into our homes.

Hallie Henderson